Gyst Pro



 Gyst Pro adds features and expands functionality to help you get even more done.
Manage your time by sharing calendar availability and scheduling messages to be sent when you want.
Control your texting inbox and save storage space with unlimited labels and archiving.
Get more done with Gyst Pro.



In addition to all the standard Gyst features, with Gyst Pro you can:

  • Send your calendar availability via text to secure meeting times faster. No more back and forth trying to find a mutually acceptable time.
  • Delay send so you can get things done when it's convenient for you. Type a message now and schedule it to be sent later when it’s appropriate for the receiver.
  • Send any file via text, including .pdf, .docx, .xls, and more. No need to get back to your laptop to send that important attachment. Gyst Pro is integrated with Dropbox to make it even easier.
  • Archive older texts and attachments securely to the cloud.
    • Recover space on your smartphone
    • Retrieve archived messages easily when needed
    • Restore your messages when you get a new phone
  • Create as many labels as you want to take control of your texting inbox. Make texting a productivity tool for you and your business.


Gyst Pro is available as an in-app purchase and you can try Gyst Pro free for 14 days. After that, Gyst Pro is only $.99 per month.

Be productive when and where you are, on your smartphone, with Gyst.

Features Gyst Gyst Pro
The following features are available with Gyst & Gyst Pro: Free $0.99/month
Integrated Texts, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks in one app
Message anyone, whether they have Gyst or not
Flag texts to mark as important. Assign priorities to different texts.
Create labels to organize texts Inbox +2 Unlimited
Advanced search, sort and filter to easily find texts
Create to-do's directly from texts - text to task
Attach and send pictures and videos
Quick reply when you don't have time to type a response
Smart group texting - easily add or remove people, including yourself, from group conversations. Mute unwanted text conversations. Send 1-to-many with Bcc.
Secure data - encrypted on your phone and in the cloud
Send location information via text
Create events from texts or contacts
Send calendar availability via text to quickly schedule meetings
Delay send - type a text now and schedule to be sent later
Attach and send any file type, including .pdf, .xls, .docx and more
Dropbox integration to attach and send files
Archive texts to the cloud to save smartphone storage space