For Realtors

Realtors rely on texting to communicate. Gyst makes texting more productive and has
powerful features that help you manage and organize your texts to get more done.

 Click Here to Download Gyst from Google Play 

Key Gyst features for Realtors:

  • Flag texts for follow-up. Simply tap a text to flag it. Home-page_image_3No more sifting through your texts to find the one you need to follow-up on, or forgetting to follow-up at all.
  • Create labels to organize texts by listing, by client, by agent, and more. Keep all texts about a certain topic together and easy to find in its own folder.
  • Text to Task. Create a to-do item in your Tasks list directly from a text. Stay on top of all your action items.
  • Schedule send. Need to type that text while it’s top of mind but have it delivered later? Schedule a text to be sent at a future date and time.
  • Send availability via text. Your Calendar is integrated with Gyst – just select your available times to meet and send via text so your contact can pick a time.
  • Send location. Just found the perfect property?
    Easily text the location coordinates to your client.
  • Texts, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks all integrated in one app.
    No more jumping from app to app to find a time to meet, finding your contact
    to text about the meeting, putting the meeting on your calendar, and creating
    a task to follow-up on after the meeting.  It’s all right there in one place with Gyst!

Real Estate mobile apps help you market. Gyst helps you manage.