Gyst uses SMS messaging, so you can communicate with anyone. With your texting Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks all integrated into one business productivity app, you stay connected and on top of things. Gyst helps you:



Get organized.

Built-in productivity
Inbox, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks all in one place, one app.

Set priority flags
Prioritize important texts that you can't afford to misplace.

Label texts
Organize texts by topics, clients, projects, friends and family, or any way you want.

Search, sort and filter
Quickly find texts, events, and tasks by label, priority, attachment, and more.

Text to task
Create your to-do list from texts to stay on top of things in real time.

Smart group texting
Easily add or remove people from group texts, mute unwanted conversations, and send one-to-many texts with Bcc feature.

Get more done.

Gyst Pro adds features and expands functionality to help you get even more done.

Send availability
Secure meeting times faster by sending available times right from your calendar via text.

Delayed send
Type a text now and schedule it to be sent when appropriate, so you can get things done when it's convenient for you.

Attach documents
Send any file via text, including .pdf, .docx, .xls and more, not just pictures and videos.

Move older texts and attachments securely to the cloud. Recover space on your smartphone; retrieve archived messages easily; restore your messages when you get a new phone.

Unlimited labels
Create as many labels as you want.