Everyone’s doin’ it (so why not be a Pro?)

Everyone’s doin’ it (so why not be a Pro?)

  • Texting is the most widely- and frequently-used app on a smartphone. (1)
  • 97% of Americans text at least once a day. (1)
  • 80% of people use texting for business. (2)
  • There will be 1.75 billion mobile workers by 2020 – 42% of the global workforce. (3)
  • Over 72% of the U.S. workforce (105 million) will be mobile workers by 2020.(4)

It’s clear, texting’s prominence and dominance is here to stay. And yet, texting apps haven’t evolved that much. There are some proprietary messaging apps with nice features, such as WhatsApp, but that requires users on both ends to have the app to communicate. And these apps are still geared much more to social interaction than they are to business communication.

With the growth in mobile workers and the use of texting for business purposes, what’s needed is a common platform that can communicate with anyone and that brings business functionality to texting – a texting app for busy professionals. That’s where we come in.

Today Gyst was officially launched and we also introduced our in-app upgrade, Gyst Pro, to help people get even more done via text. You can read the press release and learn more here.

Gyst stands for “get your stuff together” and provides “better texting for busy people.” These aren’t just taglines. They are our guiding principles – to make texting truly productive for people in organizations that use texting to communicate and get things done: with each other, with clients and customers, with suppliers and partners, with donors and participants, with coaches and players, and more.

How we do it is important. Gyst uses SMS, so it can communicate with anyone, whether they have Gyst or not. That’s the only way to be confident that text communications will reach the recipient. Then we focus on organization and productivity, so users can get more done on their smartphone via text. Gyst integrates Texting, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks all in one place. This is for more than convenience – it allows Gyst to do things other messaging apps can’t do, such as share calendar availability via text and to create a task directly from a text. We also bring enhanced capabilities to texting, such as prioritization, labeling, scheduled send, archiving, and the ability to attach any file (not just photos and videos) to a text.

If you use texting as part of your work or as part of any organization to get things done, then you need to be productive – you need to be a pro! You wouldn’t choose an old laptop, an old smartphone, or any other outdated technology to get things done when better alternatives are available, so why use antiquated apps that haven’t evolved to match today’s use of texting? Gyst and Gyst Pro make you more productive when and where you are – on your smartphone.


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