Beta is Betta

As a product manager, few things get me more excited than a good product release. (I know, I need to get out more😊.) Yesterday we released our best version yet to our beta users and it looks fantastic! We continue to get great feedback from our beta community and we’re working hard to make Gyst the best it can be prior to our general release. We’ll probably have a few more beta versions to get everything just right and then we’ll be able to share Gyst with the world!

Another cool aspect of being the product manager is getting to talk directly to our users and telling others about Gyst. I’ve had people tell me they think Gyst is “revolutionary”  and about how they like all the features that make Gyst much more than just another messaging app. One user told me how they like the archive feature and that they’re no longer afraid of losing important texts. And the one I hear most is about how Gyst allows them to easily find things, to label, sort, search, and organize their messages so they can actually be productive using texts. They say Gyst “makes texting truly useful.” I love hearing that (especially because they’re right!).

One great story came from a beta user who got a text as part of a large group conversation and, as is usual with these group texts, everyone started replying. He was being notified and interrupted every few seconds. When he had finally had enough he was able to easily remove himself  from the group, because he was using Gyst. (Think about how many times you wish you weren’t part of a group text, or at least that it would finally stop. I know I have too many instances to count.)

We say Gyst is “better texting for busy people” and that Gyst helps you “get your _____ together,” and it’s true. We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback on Gyst, so if you’re already a beta user, thank you, and keep that feedback coming. If you’re not a beta user yet and you use an Android phone, we’d love to have you.  Click here to download our latest version and let us know what you think. (Don’t worry – we love you iPhone users too and will have a Gyst version for as soon as possible.)

Happy Gysting.

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