Introducing Gyst: Better Texting for Busy People

Gyst delivers a powerful new text messaging experience, maximizing mobile productivity for busy people

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile productivity specialist Gyst Inc, has today announced the arrival of a next generation mobile app that turns text messaging into a powerful productivity tool. Gyst combines intuitive texting with contacts, calendars and tasks, making it easy for users to get more done and put time back in their day.

Native texting apps simply aren’t up to the job anymore

Texting has become second nature to most smartphone users, but native text messaging apps have barely evolved since they were first introduced. While this may be okay for social texting, for business users and professionals, it’s becoming an increasingly difficult issue to overcome. Important texts get lost in inboxes that can’t be organized or prioritized, while most actions started with a text to save time end up being switched to email because of issues with attachments or appointment scheduling.

Gyst gets it together

Gyst brings a new level of functionality to text messaging that lets users get better connected, get organized and get more done.

  • Get better connected: Getting things done through native texting apps is laborious and time consuming, with users having to manually navigate between multiple apps. Gyst integrates texts, contacts, calendars and tasks into one place, making it quicker and easier than ever to connect with anyone.
  • Get organized: Without the means to organize and prioritize, important messages can easily be lost in an inbox that’s being inundated with new texts. Gyst lets users set priorities, create labels and search texts faster than ever, for simple and effective organization.
  • Get more done: For the first time, texting becomes a powerful productivity tool. Gyst allows users to arrange meetings faster, send documents from texts and schedule texts to be delivered in the future, giving them more time to get things done.

A team that’s passionate about problem solving

The team at Gyst is passionate about solving the problems that slow busy people down and get in the way of a positive work/life balance. They believe that every minute Gyst saves its users is another minute that can be spent doing something they love. The Gyst team is a group of experienced technology professionals that have launched hundreds of products between them and generated billions of dollars of revenue, so they know that being efficient is the key to success.

“Gyst unlocks the power and simplicity of text messaging for busy people who want to get things done NOW and not wait until the next time they open their laptop” said Bruce Kornfeld, Founder and CEO of Gyst. “All other texting apps were built for social interaction, not to get things done. As a result, most users spend the day bouncing around their smartphones trying to do their jobs – wasting time. Gyst transforms text messaging into a truly viable business productivity tool for the first time, enabling fast, efficient mobile working and giving back time that previously would have been lost forever.”

Gyst is backed by passionate technology investors including former Blackberry/RIM board member, author and time management expert Jim Estill.

“As an investor I meet a lot of young companies with great ideas, but rarely do I find a team that has not only identified a genuine market problem, but also has a clear ability to execute on its vision,” said Mr Estill. “The team at Gyst is perfectly positioned to spearhead the next evolution in mobile productivity and what they have developed has the potential to fundamentally change the way people work.”

Gyst sounds great! Where can I sign up?

Gyst is currently in beta testing on the Android platform. If you would like to be a part of this beta, just visit and click on Get Gyst to request access. The team looks forward to your feedback!

About Gyst

Gyst was founded in 2014 to solve the major problem with native smartphone text messaging apps: they simply don’t work for busy professionals trying to get things done. Gyst is the first app designed with this in mind. Users can manage and prioritize their texting life, follow up with the right people at the right time, and coordinate meetings all from one app. Not only does this make texting a more powerful and productive tool, but also a more pleasurable one. For more information about Gyst and to sign up for the Gyst beta, visit


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