Gyst is here! (almost)

Today is a big day for our company. Our first publicly available website launched and our beta product is ready for more testers. We’ve been working hard and it feels great to have something to show the world.

Gyst delivers better texting for busy people. Sounds big, right? We think it really is. There is so much happening on your smartphone that it’s hard to keep it all straight. Smartphones are supposed to make us more productive. So why do we feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of communication? It can be hard to keep up.   

Gyst was designed to help you Get your ____ together!

The need for Gyst comes from the fact that more and more business (and other important) communication is happening via text these days. Yet there are no tools or apps to help us manage and best utilize this onslaught of information. We typically use the native texting app that came with our phone for the majority of our communication, but is this app really helping us?

Think about the texting app you use most frequently and ask yourself:

  • Why can’t I put text messages in folders to keep them organized?
  • How can I flag a text message for follow-up so I don’t forget to take action?
  • Why is it so hard to send a quick, pre-written message on the go?
  • How can I set up meetings without dozens of texts back and forth?
  • How would I easily find a message about an important topic?
  • Shouldn’t there be an easier way to manage the amount of storage consumed by texts?
  • Why do I have to go to my computer’s email program to send that pdf, ppt or docx file?

We’ve been  talking to users like you and thinking about these problems for a long time. Gyst was created for smartphone users who would like to be more productive. If you spend a good portion of your day using your smartphone to get things done, we’re convinced Gyst will help you get better connected, get organized, and get more done.   

We’re working hard to get Gyst ready for general release. Right now we’re looking for beta users that want to help us make Gyst the best that it can be. You can help us fine-tune the User Interface and flush out as many bugs as possible. If you sign up to be a beta tester and join the Gyst family we promise we’ll take good care of you (and your texts).

Go to to learn more about Gyst and what it can do. Then click on the Get Gyst button if you’d like to join our beta program.

Thanks. And here’s to turning texting into a powerful productivity tool.

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