Texting apps suck – why do we still use them?

Many of us are using text messaging more and more for our jobs – the younger you are, the more you probably text for your job. (Sorry Grandpa – just saying!) What tools do you use to text clients, colleagues and prospects? As I wrote in my previous blog, the most common app used for business texting is the one that came with your phone. It sends texts (SMS or MMS), receives texts and you can attach pictures and videos. Some texting apps allow you to create events from a date or time within the text. That’s about it. Shouldn’t there be more functionality available so you can be more productive? I’m pretty passionate about that question and have been devoting a lot of my time thinking about and trying to solve this problem.

Why do we keep using standard text messaging apps that came with our phones? Because they work just fine and you can communicate with any human being on earth (if they have a cellphone of any type). We don’t use these tools because we WANT TO — we use them because we HAVE TO. I know that some of us use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and others for business messaging. But, it’s really a pain in the ass to get your business colleagues and clients to use the tool you want to use. SMS and MMS are here to stay – unless of course Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft get together and agree on a messaging standard to replace them. And after that happens, the New England Patriots will stop cheating to win football games.

I’m a firm believer that there should be better texting apps that help business users get their jobs done on their smartphone and don’t require everyone in their personal network to download a specific app. Its really counter-productive to frequently bounce around your phone using different apps for different purposes, depending on who you’re communicating with. Joe is a colleague and our company prefers email. Allison is client and she seems to respond better to SMS. Steve prefers WhatsApp. When did Joe say he wanted to meet next week? I need to go find that text – or wait – was that a Slack message? There is just way too much schtuff going on, at a really fast pace – I just can’t keep it all straight!

There needs to be a better way.

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  1. Kyle H.

    I have long been frustrated with the clunkiness of traditional texting apps. This so far looks like a true “tool” for the on the go professional. I rely on my phone for everything, and seeing that I have work email, hotmail, gmail, appointments, tasks lists and texts all notifying me from different apps, this can be a life saver for me. Continue to evolve. Thank you Gysters.

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